Saturday, November 24, 2012


What can I say.. all flowers are beautiful. That's why I simply love making cakes that have any flower on them. I had the most fun making these gumpaste flowers this week to decorate my cakes. The first one was a phalaenopsis orchid plant in flowerpot cake for a dear friend's mom's birthday. Everyone's feedback was they thought the flowers were real and that the cake is part of the restaurant's decor, haha! And the best part is my friend's mom was sooo happy with her cake, being an avid gardener herself!

My orchid cake, with ribbons and all :)

The second cake this week is a flower with lilies, as a wedding gift cake. The cake is actually quite small, with the lowest tier a mere 7.5inch wide. I just adore lilies ... :D

Tonight am making peonies for another wedding cake... flowers galore!!