Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I know.... I have been a lazy-bum for not updating this blog.. :P

Hiya all! Am sort of back... yeah, baking have totally taken up my free time this whole year, and will only become more busy tomorrow till 31 December! Apologies for not posting *ANYTHING AT ALL* for sooooo long, some of you might be wondering whether am still breathing, haha! Those who friended me on FB will know I've been baking and making various cakes. Here are a few of the cakes from May till recently...
The Red Rocket with Little Einsteins
A pirate's tresure chest, filled with gold & silver coins and a pirate ship :)

This was a replica of a design chosen by the client from the Internet.. a HUGE Safari cake!

Sweet Kiesha's birthday cake - flower garden theme

Candyland!! Candy and cupcake... and more candy!

My favourite Dibo the Gift Dragon ... I simply loved making this one!

3D Lightning McQueen